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ENAP has been providing services to Manufacturing plants across South-East Queensland since commencing in 1979. Given the close proximity to Port of Brisbane and major arterial routes, ENAP has an extensive history of work at light, medium and heavy manufacturing plants across Brisbane.

Our clients in this sector receive raw materials to be manufactured into goods for distribution nationally and internationally, including:

  • Building construction materials (fibre-cement and plasterboard)
  • Steel foundry and production
  • Paper and plastics
  • Asphalt, cement, concrete and bitumen
  • Packaging materials – cardboard, glass and plastics

Our experience in this industry covers the full range of services provided, including Design, Fabrication, Site Installation and Maintenance coordinated by a team of experienced and dedicated Project Managers and Supervisors.

We are highly experienced in providing maintenance services in this industry, and pride ourselves on being agile and responsive to attend to client’s requests at short notice. This includes having teams available for range of weekday and weekend hours to allow our work to be completed outside production times for our clients. We are known by our site utes and vans being available across Brisbane to our client’s sites, with each vehicle fully equipped to perform daily tasks.

Our ability to create long-term relationships with our clients and consistency of staff allows ENAP to mobilise a knowledgeable and inducted team back to site for the next opportunity. This minimises ongoing contractor costs to our clients, while ensuring there is a team with understanding and expectations of client’s operations and systems.

ENAP dedicates significant time and resources to training of our employees for our teams to have skills, competencies and qualifications to complete high risk work safely and efficiently. We work closely with our clients to have teams trained in client site specific inductions to allow work to proceed safely and efficiently.


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