BCC Asphalt – Replacement Asphalt Drum

Description of ENAP’s Scope:

ENAP’s scope was the detailed design, fabrication and installation of a replacement 2.44m diameter x 10.4m long asphalt drum for the Brisbane City Council Asphalt Plant at Riverview. ENAP’s scope was to fabricate the replacement drum and deliver to site for installation during a short shutdown period.

ENAP was able to weld the seams of the asphalt drum with the Submerged Arc Welder for efficient production. ENAP was able to complete this project safely through preparation of Project Specific Construction Safety Plan, JSEA’s and preparation of crane lift studies.

ENAP’s scope included:

  •  Detailed site measure of existing asphalt drum to confirm previous engineering drawings.
  •  Fabrication of asphalt drum and paddle ring shell from Bisalloy Grade 450 plate with weld procedures qualified to AS1554.4 SP.
  •  Fabrication and workshop installation of 115 pressed flight plates, including support brackets.
  •  Workshop installation of trunnion rings, including pressing and weld Z plate ring support plates.
  •  Supply and installation of 50mm thick Rockwool 650 insulation, including Gr 304 Stainless Steel cladding.
  •  Site installation works to remove existing asphalt drum and reinstall new asphalt drum on drive trunnions during three day shutdown, including removal and replacement of overhead ducting and feed conveyors.
  •  Removal from site and disposal of redundant asphalt drum from site.