USG Boral – Dry Compounds Packaging

Description of ENAP’s Scope:

ENAP’s scope was to complete the mechanical and structural works for the first phase of new Dry Compounds Plant for USG Boral Australia. This included detailing, fabrication and galvanising of 57.5T of medium and heavy structural steel for the project, including two stair towers. The fabrication was completed in ENAP’s workshops in Hemmant, QLD, and transported to site for installation.

ENAP mobilised a team to the site for three months to complete the structural, civil and mechanical works, including site container of tools and equipment. This team varied through the site installation phase to have the most appropriate resources on site for structural and mechanical installation activities. The installation work was completed in an existing building on the USG Boral site, although all operational activity was removed from the area for installation works. ENAP prepared a Project Safety Management Plan for all personnel working on the site, including the client and other client contractors.

ENAP’s scope included the Bondek formwork, reinforcing and pouring of a 287m2 suspended concrete slab (depth of 150mm) on the Level 1 structural steel. This work was managed by ENAP’s Construction Group, highlighting how this service offering can be combined with the traditional mechanical and structural works of the ENAP Projects Group. This concrete slab included circular and rectangular penetrations for future mechanical equipment.

The new mechanical equipment created a new Dry Compounds Packaging Plant, which would be more efficient and provide better packaged (bagging and palletising) product for distribution to USG Boral’s clients. ENAP’s team coordinated logistics to transport equipment from an off-site laydown yard to the USG Boral site with limited laydown area. ENAP’s mechanical installation team completed the equipment installation working with representatives of the various equipment suppliers.

ENAP’s scope included:

  • Preparation of workshop fabrication drawings and site installation drawings from client-supplied engineering drawings
  • Fabrication and galvanising of 57.5T of structural steel, including stair towers plus handrails and grid mesh
  • Logistics and transport of workshop items from Hemmant to site
  • Site installation of structural steel, including set out, core-drilling and chemsetting of hold-down boltsinto existing concrete floor
  • Forming, reinforcing and pouring of suspended concrete floor on Level 1 Structural Steel
  • Mechanical installation of a Bagging Machine and Palletising and Stretch Hood line, including setout ofequipment centerlines working with equipment supplier representatives
  • Design, supply and installation of guarding around all mechanical equipment
  • Installation of conveying equipment, including screw conveyor, hopper, pneumatic material handlingsystem. This work included integrating a screw conveyor into the existing plant working around existingoperations
  • Site measure, fabrication and site installation of 150m pneumatic piping to a receiving hopper, includingpipe supports in two different buildings. This work also included the installation of a new blower andblower piping
  • Installation of compressed air system for new Dry Compounds Plant, including tieing into the existingsystem, installation of new receiver and distribution through new plant with galvanised threadedpipework
  • Installation of dust collectors and dust collector ducting for new Dry Compounds PlantENAP’s work extended to providing mechanical commissioning support working with the client’s representatives and three different equipment providers. An important outcome for the client was that the project milestone dates in the initial tender package were achieved. This allowed commissioning and operations to commence seamlessly into the USG Boral’s production needs.