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Mining & Minerals Processing

ENAP extended providing services to Mining and Minerals Processing Clients in 2010. Our experience in this industry covers the full range of services provided, including Design, Fabrication, Site Installation and Maintenance coordinated by a team of experienced and dedicated Project Managers and Supervisors.

A key part of the ENAP service offering to Mining clients in remote and regional areas is ENAP’s ability to quickly and efficiently mobilise a site team of ENAP employees with site containers of tools and equipment. We have mobilised teams to regional areas from small groups from two people up to shutdown teams of fifty.

In contrast to larger structural, mechanical and piping contractors, ENAP focuses on the work at hand, and then able to demobilise after a project or maintenance shutdown is completed. This flexibility extends to adjusting working days and shift activity to suit our client’s operations, and minimise planned outages.

Our ability to create long-term relationships with our clients and consistency of staff allows ENAP to mobilise an inducted work force back to site for the next opportunity. This minimises ongoing contractor costs to our clients, while ensuring there is a team with understanding and expectations of client’s operations and systems.

Mining and Minerals Processing sites have higher level of risk associated with their operations, and also shutdowns for projects and maintenance. ENAP dedicates significant time and resources to training of our employees for our teams to have skills, competencies and qualifications to complete this high risk work safely and efficiently.

We work closely with our clients to have teams trained in client site specific induction and competency requirements to allow work to proceed safely and efficiently. Our site teams are led by Project Coordinators and Site Supervisors with detailed understanding of work scope and safe working requirements. We often mobilise experienced tradespeople trained in Workplace Health & Safety to support Coordinators and Supervisors to ensure that work is performed safely.


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