A key part of ENAP’s service offering to our long-term clients has been range of maintenance works, with an emphasis on being responsive to our client’s needs. There remains a high emphasis on maintenance works for our clients with the aim of being a valued service provider for mechanical and structural maintenance to our clients to allow their sites to operate without breakdowns.

ENAP’s maintenance service offering includes:

  • Planned maintenance activities, including shutdowns with full coordination and supervision
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repairs, replacements and modifications of mechanical plant and equipment
  • 24 hour break-down service
  • Permanent maintenance contracts and human resources
  • Planned or unplanned maintenance shift coverage
  • Precision machining of replacement parts

ENAP will respond immediately to our clients for breakdown maintenance works for repairs to be completed as quickly as possible, and minimise breakdown situation. This includes maintenance fitters on 24 hour, 7 days a week callout service available to assist our clients every moment of the year.

Our Values


  • We value our people
  • We emphasize the importance of family
  • We want an enjoyable workplace


  • We act with honesty & integrity
  • We treat our people fairly
  • We hold ourselves & others to account


  • Dedication to exceptional client service
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We deliver on our targets


  • We treat each other with respect
  • We encourage our staff to reach goals
  • We are considerate to others


  • We provide a safe workplace
  • We do not walk past unsafe acts
  • We know what is expected and behave safely

40 Year Anniversary Testimonial