Amcor Flexibles – Factory Extension

Description of ENAP’s Scope:

This project commenced with a conceptual design and then required ENAP to submit the development application for the building permit approval before progressing into the design, construction and commissioning of this factory extension. Included in the project scope was the relocation and commissioning of two mechanical extruder machines (that produce food grade plastics for produce packaging purposes) from Melbourne and Coopers Plains to the new building area at Acacia Ridge.

The project incorporated a 15m high cube extension, designed specifically to accommodate AMCORs two 13m high extruder machines.

As part of the works a large opening was cut into the front façade of the existing factory, which exposed the production lines to external elements. ENAP designed and installed a temporary weather proof and wind resistant screen to eliminate risks of contaminants entering the factory environment where strict hygiene regulations were in effect. By doing so, the construction works were carried out within any disruption to existing production.

A highly complex job requiring procurement and oversight of all trades, ENAP completed the project amid a live factory environment. It was critical to ensure that the highest hygiene and health standards were maintained throughout the entire project whilst also allowing AMCORs day-to-day manufacturing operations to continue.